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Offshore Development
InfoExperts is a leading full service provider specializing in the delivery of OSS solutions in the communications industry.  InfoExperts solutions enable companies to successfully gain competitive advantage to grow market share through the delivery of convergent billing, service provisioning and customer care solutions centered on the e-business model.  Competitive advantages are obtained from the business value of such solutions as Electronic Relationship Management (eRM), customer self-service, flow through provisioning and carrier-to-carrier interconnectivity.  InfoExperts has a proven history in the delivery of OSS implementation, systems integration and development, data warehousing, data migration and operational reporting. 
  Communications and Commerce Solutions Management  
  End-to-End Service Provisioning, Service Activation, Convergent Billing and Customer Care Solutions  
InfoExperts has delivered end-to-end OSS implementation and integration solutions for communications companies.  Through this experience, carriers have been able to gain a competitive advantage through the ability to better serve their clients using flow through provisioning, convergent billing, and integration with their trading partners. 
  Rapid Deployment  
  InfoExperts specializes in implementing and integrating OSS infrastructure.  This allows carriers to rapidly bring to market mission critical end-to-end services such as broadband, wireless, wire-line, and IP products.  
  Provisioning & Service Activation Solutions  
InfoExperts knows the complex issues associated with carrier-to-carrier integration and service provisioning. InfoExperts has years of experience implementing these solutions and can bring a great amount of leverage to new projects.
InfoExperts has developed a delivery based methodology & project approach that helps ensure the success of implementation and integration projects.  Accelerated Solutions Methodology (ASM) was created to deliver technology solutions quickly with repeatable results.  InfoExperts’s project approach delivers projects with smaller teams and quicker results.
  ERM / xERP - Flow Through Provisioning  
  InfoExperts has delivered flow through provisioning for market leading LECS and CLECS by using leading industry packages.  
  Data Warehousing, Data Marts, Operational Data Stores
& Operational Reporting
InfoExperts is the market leader in the delivery of Data Warehouse and Data Mart solutions. InfoExperts has leveraged its knowledge of the many best of breed solutions’ data models to construct web enabled operational reports for many carriers.
  Data Migration  
InfoExperts has trained experts in data migration from legacy applications to newly implemented systems using the automated tools developed by InfoExperts and other third party vendors.
  Carrier to Carrier Integration  
InfoExperts has a trained and experienced team of carrier-to-carrier integration experts.  InfoExperts has implemented third party venders, such as CGI’s Q-connect products, which has enabled other software companies to integrate their products the carriers existing provisioning system to provide add on service capabilities like E911, LIDB, and CNAM.
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